MTOAT was asked to support Brightwell cum Sotwell Primary School in 2016 following a period under the Local Authority Task Group and the school formally joined MTOAT in 2017.

A member of the Senior Leadership team from Wallingford School was seconded to initially share the Interim Headship of the school with an experienced National Leader of Education before becoming the substantive full time Headteacher in April 2017.

The transformation during the period since then at Brightwell cum Sotwell Primary School is remarkable with results now strong, student numbers increased and a motivated, committed staff in place – it is a school reborn.

The school roll at Brightwell in January 2016 was 95 students. It is projected that it will be between 120 and 125 students in September 2020 with a small Year 6 cohort leaving and at least 20 students joining in Year 7.

Standards have risen over the past three years at Brightwell. It has not always been straightforward to reverse the legacy of staffing instability and poor teaching and learning but the data indicates a school on an upward trajectory in which students fulfil their potential.

Number of students: 134