MTOAT originally grew from the success of Wallingford School. Wallingford School is a very successful mixed comprehensive school which serves the town of Wallingford and its surrounding villages.

Results are strong at both A Level – our Sixth Form was the highest performing state Sixth Form in Oxfordshire in 2019 at A*-B – and at GCSE - Progress 8 in 2019 was 0.31 - and the school enjoys a strong reputation for excellent teaching and learning, an exceptionally broad and deep extra-curricular offer and the outstanding personal development of our students. The Progress 8 score could be higher if the school took a more directive approach to students’ options choices at Key Stage 4; we allow students to choose the subjects which are right for them rather than compel them to study subjects which benefit the school’s position in league tables and this is appreciated and understood by all members of the school community.

Teaching and learning at Wallingford was judged to be Outstanding by Ofsted in March 2017. The report states: “The quality of teaching is excellent throughout the school. Consequently, pupils demonstrate consistently highly positive attitudes towards their studies. They are very keen to learn and engage actively with work in lessons. Their very positive relationships with their teachers support their effective learning over time.” Outcomes and quality assurance over the past three years indicate that this is still very much the case and this outstanding practice is shared across MTOAT.

Wallingford School is oversubscribed in every year group and aims to draw our students from the town and the surrounding villages. We are a school for our local community and celebrate and live our comprehensive values.

Number of students: 1250